How To Express Your Love Feeling In An Essay

Writing an essay about your love feelings or emotions is a good way to express your thoughts in a unique and creative manner. If you are a born writer, then this will be a fresh breeze. But if it is something new for you, then you have to take the effort to make sure that the essay is written correctly. The essay should be able to persuade the reader towards the feelings that you are stating in the essay. You should write this wholeheartedly, so your emotions will be brought out genuinely in the essay.

Tips to Express Your Love Feeling in an Essay

1. Choose the right topic

In any essay, the right topic is important. Since you will express your love feeling, then choose a specific idea where your essay will revolve around. It could be your first date, the level of your relationship, your attraction, or others that will fully express your feelings. There is a wide array of love topics that you can use. Just be sure that it is connected to what you want to express.

2. Go and research

It is understandable that love feelings come from, but writing it in an essay should also be researched, so your style of writing will be used correctly. Based on the specific topic you chose, research more about it, so you will know how to write down your feelings without appearing to be too formal. The research will also help you create an essay that is well written and persuasive.

3. Involve your partner

This is a bit challenging, but an important task because whatever you will write about your love feelings will definitely involve the other person. Talk to each other, brainstorm, and make sure that both of you have a contribution to what you want to write.

4. Do a concise outline

Expressing your love feeling in an essay requires you to have a concise outline. In doing this, go straight to the point and make sure to lay down the questions you want to be answered in your write-up. If necessary, cite the real situation, then do a comparison of examples so that people can easily understand what you want to express in your essay about love feelings.

5. Conclude Honestly

Make your conclusion honest. It means something that is coming directly from the heart should round up your essay. This will be your closure to your statement, and it should be remembered by the readers. Use a quote, example, or saying, so the line will be something that will linger in the minds of the readers.
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